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Modern Mogul Podcast explores cutting-edge tools for modern leaders ready to scale their impact from revenue plateaus to soaring profits and impact. Hosted by Growth Strategist, High-Performance Expert, and Leadership Mentor Marlyne Pierce. Marlyne and guests join in the conversation to share the newest and best practical tools, tips, and resources in Technology, Leadership, and business innovation to help established entrepreneurs and executive leaders, like you, contribute to the vision of the abundant future you were born to create. Ready to accelerate and elevate your leadership, growth, and impact? You're in the right place!
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Feb 18, 2020

Topics and key takeaways from this episode:

  • What is data culture and its components that need to be addressed 

  • The importance of data literacy, power, and ethics in non-profit and other organizational types 

  • Why data need to have a cross-functional and multi-dimensional approach and who should be responsible for data strategy, hygiene and power for best results 

  • How data impacts and dictates culture in an organization

  • Actions you can take to better steward data hygiene within your organization

  • How Genevieve launched her consultancy and solidify herself in a new city based on her passion and a strong internal impulse 

  • Tools she uses to stay on track and keep the overwhelmed of being a CEO at bay

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Feb 5, 2020

Keys to Secret Power - Emotions as Rocket Fuel for Growth and Leadership with Tara Star Dancer 

  • How Tara came to develop her methodologies for accessing powerful emotions

  • Why it works so well to help us make the invisible visible and enhance our energetic power

  • How to leverage an energetic approach to interactions with others to enable your leadership

  • How and why its necessary to access curiosity over judgement in communicating with others 

  • Why the masculine and the feminine aspects both need to be healed from our social systems 

  • The rise and purpose of the good girl and independent woman and why neither archetype is where women should strive to live and thrive

  • They key lesson I’ve learned from this practice all the modalities I have explored over the year

  • Why awareness, allowing and meaning is non-linear is essential to the path of the miraculous

  • Why movement is key to digesting life and removing stagnation and disease in our body/minds

  • How we can find space for true liberation and releasing of what needs to move through us in our full life experiences

  • Why it's never too late to have a new childhood and give your former selves that you needed.

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